Volume 5: When We Were Birds

Journey of a woman awakening to her life through experiences in a foreign country (Italy) where the language is unknown and senses are newly experienced, eventually to find herself through wandering in the gardens and mountains of Colorado; sewn on linen tapes, case bound into wood covers with antique wood type ½ high x 10 wide x 9 deep; opens to 20 inches. Poetry by Ginny Hoyle. Sculptural bases by Christopher Hecker. Prices available upon request. The book is a part of the exhibition When We Were Birds.

Ten Black and white graphite drawings (1995); each original 30” x 50” torn to 131/2 x 10” pages
Lost, Rooted in Air #1, #2 & #3, 50” x 38”, mixed medial on paper, 2006
Thirteen photo paintings: mixed media on paper; each 36” x 60”, 1997
Five sketches on paper, mixed media, 5” x 7”, 2002

Abandon (excerpts)

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