Volume 7: When We Were Birds

One-of-a-kind sculptural book comprised of photographs and poetry, cut, folded and stitched onto linen tapes; hard covers with antique wood type; photos were taken in Rome during three separate artist residencies (3 months each) and processed “provina colore.” Subject: travel, watching from the outside; fragments from Rome; walking towards next phase in my life; Italian culture; 4 high x 6 wide x 9 long (closed/flat), 460 pages; open fan 16 in length. Poetry by Ginny Hoyle. Sculptural tables by Christopher Hecker.

The sculpted books are comprised of fragments of my work, culled from the last 25 years, and rebuilt as sculptural codex volumes that bind together pieces of experience to capture the process of learning and becoming that has made me who I am. There is something freeing about tearing up things you have carefully preserved and making something altogether new from the pieces.. The book is a part of the exhibition When We Were Birds.



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