Volume oXo: When We Were Birds

One-of-a-kind sculptural book comprised of original paintings with sumi ink on mylar, black and white vessel prints (representing woman); interspersed with original photographs printed “prima colore” in Italy; poetry printed on rice paper; sewn onto linen tapes and cased into wood covers with antique wood type; 206 pages; 12 ½ high x 9 wide x 6 deep; folds open to 20 diameter circle. Book incorporates paintings and images with poetry by Ginny Hoyle. Sculptural steel table by Christopher Hecker.

The sculpted books are comprised of fragments of my work, culled from the last 25 years, and rebuilt as sculptural codex volumes that bind together pieces of experience to capture the process of learning and becoming that has made me who I am. There is something freeing about tearing up things you have carefully preserved and making something altogether new from the pieces. The book is a part of the exhibition When We Were Birds.

After Love
ridiculous happiness, music spilling
out of windows up and down the street,

a power of ten against—what?
Agents of evil whose names I forget?

I’ll take this night just as it is.
Urban silence alive with sound.

Crickets scrape lonely legs together.
Occasional siren. Occasional bark.

Occasional plane creases the air
over the house, passengers dozing

on the way to LA. And I will be
this open book beside this sleeping man,

face down beside me,
arms raised in oblivious praise,

his breathing out and breathing in
a resonant, feral,  conjugal hymn.

~ Ginny Hoyle, 2010

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