Jane Dodge

Jane Dodge, twin sister of Judy’s, is a quilt-maker who, after 30+ years living in Singapore and other venues around the world, relocated to the United States in the summer of 2014. Jane is a fiber artist who uses textiles to comment on social issues. Her work incorporates hand applique and embroidery, machine piecing and quilting, and hand-dyed fabrics. The traditional quilt form is used as a loaded symbol for women’s work and is an ideal vehicle in the current political/cultural climate. After returning to the United States from living in countries in which gun ownership was against the law (England and Singapore), to a country where gun ownership seemed the dorm, she wondered about the morality of some of the laws of her native land. This lead her to use quotes and symbols in her designs. Her quilts cover topics such as gun violence, immigration, women’s rights, global warming, civil rights, the corrupting effects of money in society, and the notion that truth and fact no longer exist. Many celebrate the diversity of its citizens. Her quilts have been shown in both national and international venues and will be featured in two upcoming exhibitions: McNichols Building in January, 2020 and Spark Gallery in August, 2020. Her work may be viewed on Jane Dodge Quilts on Facebook.

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