Judy Anderson works with a variety of materials and processes to create organic abstract images that are combined to form one-of-a-kind sculptural books. The focus is always on process—to produce a large body of work responding to a particular idea without being limited by set expectations of the finished product. Treating books as an art form is a natural expression for Judy because of her love of paper, paper forms, words, ink, images and narrative. The first book she made was in the mid-70s and it opened a world of possibilities leading into an open-ended lifelong exploration of layered storytelling. She embraces collaboration and has worked closely with poets, sculptors, print makers and bookbinders. Presently, she is collaborating with poet Ginny Hoyle on work that addresses the role of the artist during this challenging time for the country. Her professional life has always been deeply rooted in guiding and encouraging younger artists and in being an active presence in Colorado’s fine arts community. In 2016 she received the Denver Art Museum Gold Key Award given to an exemplary artist who has made significant contributions to contemporary art in Colorado. She is the founding director of PlatteForum in 2002, an award-winning arts and youth serving organization.


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